Talented & Stylish

GQ picked 20 athletes that were stylish, i knocked the list down to my favorite TOP 10


1. Lebron James

1384805462687_lebron james


2. David Beckham 

1384805462681_David Beckham Most Stylish Athletes Triptych


3. D. Wade

1384805462684_dwyane wade


4. Steve Nash

1384812677416_Best Dressed Athletes 2013 Steve Nash

5.Tom Brady

1384805462697_tom brady


6. Jenson Button

1384812677411_Best Dressed Athletes 2013 Jensen Button


7.Victor Cruz

1384812677417_Best Dressed Athletes 2013 Victor Cruz


8. Cristiano Ronaldo

1384812677414_Best Dressed Athletes 2013 Ronaldo



9. J.R. Smith

1384805462687_jr smith


10. Tomas Berdych

1384812677408_Best Dressed Athletes 2013 Berdych


Hail to the Redskins !

Hail to the Redskins !

Is the word “Redskins” a racial slur or does it displays honor to the Native American Group. No one actually uses the name only if they’re associating it with Washington. When I hear the word “Redskins,” I think about the red paint that Native American put on their faces before they went into war. They were warriors who weren’t afraid of anything that came their way. Because of their will to survive and great strengths, many Native American names have been added to schools and colleges. If the name changed it would be a dishonor to the Native American Tribe.
Many arguments and debates are being made today over the change of the Washington Redskins name being changed. This controversy also involves the logo of the Washington Redskins which has been a source of controversy between its owners, certain Native American groups, fans, and the United States government. Some Native American groups insist that the term “Redskin,” is a racial epithet, and stereotypes of Native Americans, while others believe that the name is honoring the achievements and virtues of Native Americans, and that it is not intended in a negative manner. Former Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke said “I admire the Redskins name. I think it stands for bravery, courage and stalwart spirit and I see no reason why we shouldn’t continue to use it.” In agreement to him I also believe that the name should stay the same considering the fact Washington does not try to offend the Native American tribes and their mascot doesn’t depict any bad imagery to the race.
I feel that the Redskins are being singled out because they are located “Capitol Hill.”. Where are the calls for the Atlanta Braves, Florida State Seminoles, Illinois Fighting Illini, Chicago Blackhawks, North Dakota Fighting Sioux, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego State Aztecs, Utah Utes, Central Michigan Chippewa’s etc. If we change colleges and universities names it will take away the history, honor and respect that Native Americans feel from these school. No one of these schools use the name or mascot in a derogatory way. Indian tribes have supported the use of their tribal names as a tribute to their heritage. According to Redskin’s news, Stephen Dodson a full-blooded American Inuit chief originally from the Aleutian Tribes of Alaska said “Redskin isn’t something given to us by the white man or the blue eyes. It was something in the Native American community that was taken from us. It’s used as a term of respect because that is how we were. We respected each other with that term.” Dodson shows the positive in the power of the name. Why should we as nation take homage away from the Native Americans?
Think about the history behind the Washington Redskins. Redskins have won five professional American football championships including two NFL Championships and three Super Bowls. The franchise captured ten NFL divisional titles and six NFL conference championships. If the name is changed, people in the future will not know about Washington Redskins and the history behind it will be lost. Think of all the great men that put their blood, sweat and tears towards winning titles to just showing you a great game of football every Sunday. If we look back to many other teams that have gotten their name switch, the men behind all the work have been forgotten.

Dread Heads BEWARE

Dread Heads BEWARE

In yesterdays game, Jaguar defensive end tackle Jason Babin tackled Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington late in the third quarter. Besides tackling him he ended up with a handful of hair. i wonder will the other dreads reconsidered how they wear their hair doing the games.

If Women played Football

Top 20 Female Athletes Who Could Make Your Favorite NFL Team’s Roster Today

20. Hope Solo

Hope Solo



Position: Free Safety

19. Valerie Adams

 Valerie Adams

Olympic shot-putter from New Zealand
Position: Linebacker 

18. Skylar Diggins

 Skylar Diggins

Position: Running Back: known for her vision and toughness, she go at finding hole in the defense 

17. Veronica Campbell-Brown

 Veronica Campbell-Brown

 Fastest female in the world, who would catch her Position: wide receiver 

16. Diana Taurasi:

 Diana Taurasi

Position: Running back: would be dangerous on open field because of her quickness and coordination.

15. Abby Wambach

 Abby Wambach

Her speed and quickness would help her make plays in the defensive secondary.

Position: Corner Back

14. Linda Stahl

 Linda Stahl

Known for throwing a Javelin in the Olympics, this kind of strong arm the NFL is looking for.

Position: Quarterback

13. Misty May Treanor

 Misty May Treanor

With her leaping ability and eye coordination she could easily lock down receivers

Position: Cornerback

12. Toni Young

 Toni Young

Standing at 6’2″ tall she would be a valuable red-zone target.

Position: Wide receiver

11. Ronda Rousey

 Ronda Rousey

Being best female MMA fighters in the world, she brings the kind of intensity you need on an NFL field.

Position: Linebacker

10. Candice Parker

 Candace Parker

She has the combination of size and strength that NFL teams covet in their tight ends. Throw in her leaping ability and she would be the ideal red zone target.

Position: Tight End

9. Sarah Robles

 Sarah Robles

For being an Olympic weightlifter, she has the size and strength to battle in the NFL trenches.

Position: Defensive Line

8. Jennie Finch

 Jennie Finch

Has the arm strength and leadership

Position: Quarterback

7. Venus Williams

 Venus Williams

She has quickness, agility and good size. She could play safety or maybe even cornerback in the NFL.

Position: Defensive Back

6.  Alex Morgan

 Alex Morgan

Has the quickness, agility and toughness to make a living working the middle of the field.

Position: Slot receiver

5. Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson 

Her size and strength makes her right for a NFL position

Position: Third-Down Back

4. Holley Mangold

 Holley Mangold

This Olympic weightlifter and sister of New York Jets center Nick Mangold, could line up next to him on the o-line.

Position: Offensive Line

3. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

 Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Her speed would kill in the NFL. You can use it anywhere on the field, but it’s an especially devastating weapon on special teams.

Position: Return Specialist

2. Britney Griner

 Brittney Griner

has all the skills to be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL. She’s tall, fast and has good hands. Strong and tough with great leaping ability,

Position: Wide receiver

1. Serena Williams

 Serena Williams

Because of her strength and quickness she would be a disruptive force

Position: Pass-Rushing Outside Linebacker  

OJ the New Cookie Monster

O.J. Simpson just can’t stop his old ways even in prison. The 66 year old already in prison for 33 years for kidnapping and armed robbery got caught  by guards recently at Nevada’s Love­lock Correctional Center trying to steal more than a dozen oatmeal cookies.  According to the Daily Mail, “Guards noticed the 66-year-old hiding something under his prison clothes as he walked back to his cell after lunch.” 


SIdenote: LOL if i was there ill probably would of died laughing. out of all the things to take he choose he picked cookies.