See you at Practice bro

See you at Practice bro

It’s Hard to say Goodbye to The 3rd degree. One of the greatest people to ever pick of basketball ! While everyone was loving Jordan, I was obsessed with A.I. He’s the ONLY reason I ever got into basketball besides my father. The greatest ball player in NBA history. I remember my tomboy days were i wanted to braids to be like iverson. He’s by Far my favorite basketball player and i would not have it any other way. A man who had “no apologize,” If only someone gave him another chance to show off his talent. Everyone was so ridiculed him because he was a little ghetto abut he just couldn’t leave where he came from. He didnt want to be that guy that when he went back home everyone seen as a new person, What ever happen to don’t judge a book by a cover. That’s what the leagued did and now look everyone has tattoos, He changed a lot in the culture as well as the game, He truly will be missed. not only for his killer crossovers and his 24,368 for the fact that he stayed himself when they were trying to change him. He knew he wasn’t perfect and was going to act perfect. He had “no Regrets”