Are you Ready?

Are you Ready?

19 Days until the NBA season start and i can not wait. Time to get ready for Lebron’s Head band pushed a little further back, KD aggressiveness as well as nonchalant playing, Russel Westbrook and D Wade post game interviews with their swaggy outfits. CP3 giving out crazy passes to Blake for the unbelievable dunks, D Rose’s Return hopefully if not his cute suits on the bench, Failed Drug Test, Little shit talking, Ray Allen with the 3, Garnett no giving a care about how your feelings, is Kobe going to Return and still not pass, JAmes Harden beard (OOOHH LAAALAA), Ohhh killem John Wall killem, Brooklyn nets looking like they got dream team, JR. smith & his wife Mary Jane, DO you think Melo still upset about KG comment, Dwight pre warning stay out of KObe lane when he driving you might not like the outcome, Are you ready for Metta WorldPeace low blows to the body, DO people still have LInsanity or nah ? I Don’t think you guys are Ready for the Best Season of the Year. Can Miami do it again for third time or will we have a sleep team show up. Hey Andrew Nicholson, Bonaventure still Here standing behind like a MOBB . Rondo i hope you was working on your shooting this summer because we need better out of you. Vince Carter still the best dunk man in the NBA, MAybe Uncle drew will have an appearance on the court this year, lol He get BUckets. Mostly we can not forget our favorite ostrich I mean Ball Player Chris Bosh. IM READY for the Allstar game where they just show out !!


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