The Morning After

buzzz buzz buzz *gangster ringtone*. text message after text message 

“Girl are you alive” in my mind i just wanna say damnnn a b***h can’t sleep in ? but i just nicely reply back “yes !”.  As i exit out my messages something tell me to go look at my pictures.  Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll. wait go back, ooohhhh nahhh when was this taken i look a mess. delete delete. scroll scroll scroll . wait pause, dammnnn i loook good, Instagram post that.  i drop my phone and run to the kitchen, look in the fridge all the juice is gone … Frick man we should have never invited people over they think our house is the damn soup kitchen. Look at these dishes omg garbage over the place, i should definitely call ever one back over here like now to clean who do i look like molly the maid i think not !!!. Right as i leave the kitchen with frustration i look at our map to see all the signatures, pero like who is the dummy that drew the  penis ? 


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